Changes-a-comin’ in Weston

Weston will be getting a new city-run daycare, according Dave Bennett, Chair of the Student Advisory Council at St John the Evangelist.

The only institutional daycare in the village closed last year after the church it was in, closed and was put up for sale (it still hasn’t sold).

City-run childcares are really good. As well as being closely regulated, they offer subsidies to low- and middle-income parents.

Bennett says the childcare will open when the school does, which will be later than the projected date of summer 2015.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Changes-a-comin’ in Weston”

  1. The city run daycare when construction is complete will only be available for infants and pre-schooners. Children of school age will have to find somewhere else to be cared for. In the meantime, where in Weston is day care available? To date, construction has not even begun on the school. Application has not been submitted to the board as yet. Makes you wonder!!

  2. I’ve also heard that the school may not be built but instead St.John’s to be moved to GH Alex and those students moved to Pelmo.

  3. St.John will be built in the existing location.
    But I like the idea of merging HJ, Weston Memorial and Pelmo into one public school. Makes sense both for the community and for the Public school system.

  4. It’s still a disaster! Isn’t this the second school year that children have been taken out of the neighborhood to attend school and this school has sat empty? Still no daycare in sight or after school programs in place for care. This issue needs to be addressed and immediately. It’s hard to believe how badly this has been handled.

  5. Our patience is being tested. The kids being sent down to Davenport area by school bus is extremely frustrating. Sometimes I feel like putting them in the public school instead. It affects child care because I have to find someone to come and wait for a school bus that is late when I am working, it affects a lot of aspects in the children’s day to day lives. Waking up earlier, being unable to properly communicate with teachers or principals, traveling long distances if the child is ill, tired children from long noisy bus rides. And the school is still not going to be ready until after 2015! Lots to think about.

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