Choose your own ending at the Tarragon

A new play launches this week based on the stories of Weston and Mount Dennis residents. The play, called Shelf Life, is at the Tarragon Theatre and runs only from Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 4.

There’s a twist: the audience can write the play. After the play is performed, the audience will rewind it, replay it, and intervene to create a positive ending. They can even replace the characters on stage. The goal, the producers say, is to increase intergenerational understanding.

With teenage Ashley not speaking to mom, Devon obsessed with saving up for his first car, and grandma Cora feeling stifled by her daughter’s overprotectiveness, how can the Muncie family learn to communicate again and find mobility when both generations feel caged and powerless within their circumstances?

Tickets are $15–$25.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.