City Council to rubber-stamp 22 John next week

The 30-storey tower, self-storage facility, and cultural hub will be considered—likely for the last time—at City Council next week. It’s extremely unlikely that council will reject the plan, which is in its final stage, as it has already been considered by the more relevant levels of city government.

Council will be allowing the city to enter into contracts with the developer and move $13-million around to fund the project. They will also be considering zoning and the official plan. The tower requires a significant rewrite of the rules, which had limited the site to 8 storeys.

In other council news, Nunziata seconded a motion to see if the backup power for the entire line can be generated by renewable power. Your humble correspondent thinks this is bonkers.

The backup power plant may be in Mount Dennis near the Kodak Lands.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.