City opposes rental building at 2346 and 2352 Weston Road

City Council voted to oppose a proposed affordable-rental building at 2346-2352 Weston Road until the builders and staff negotiate some compromises.

The proposed building would be 15 storeys tall and have 157 units, primarily one-bedrooms or smaller. As proposed, it violates a number of regulations “with respect to built form, density, height, massing, site layout, shadow impact, proximity to the Humber River valley, access, parking and loading.”

Council voted to

  • Continue negotiating with the developer
  • Oppose the developer at any tribunals
  • Schedule a public meeting

    A typical floor layout proposed for 2346 Weston Road.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “City opposes rental building at 2346 and 2352 Weston Road”

    1. It will get built eventually. Time to move out of this shithole they call Weston. Anybody want to buy my house. Newly built detached four bedroom. Private sale to avoid leecher fees, I mean realtor fees.

      1. Why is this even being considered in our area.
        Recently gang members arrested in Weston.
        I have heard from individuals that a lot of the rift raft in Weston are folks being pushed out of Regent Park and Parkdale, people recognize these folks from those communities……thats nice, send it all to Weston….but the few that think they run the show are okay with adding more rentals and crap to the community….how does this make sense…where is NUNZIATA, the BIA, the RESIDENT GROUP????

  1. Another tall apartment building on Weston Rd makes no sense, except to the developers and politicians who brought us all those rental towers.

    Compromises with the developer on so many problem areas (density, load, proximity to the Humber, parking, etc), so if some areas are adjusted, it’ll go ahead? How about someone (our Councillor?) looks at the big picture on Weston Rd and opts not to add another tall tower.

    It’s a busy, busy, congested and unsafe street now for all, drivers, cyclists and most of all pedestrians … children walking to school every day.

    City planning doesn’t mean getting a few concessions from a developer!

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