City recommends against fence on MacDonald

City staff are again recommending against closing the laneway between Lawrence and Macdonald—an issue that has been ongoing for several months.

The laneway in question
The laneway in question

Some residents complained that it draws “illegal and antisocial behaviours”.

As the report says, closing the laneway would provide “the abutting landowners with the benefits of a private lane, while being maintained by the City. The disadvantages of closing the lane include the removal of an efficient transportation link for a significant number of pedestrians between Lawrence Avenue West and MacDonald Avenue, including the local high school”.

The issue should be decided at the October 13 Etobicoke York Community Council. It will then go before City Hall.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “City recommends against fence on MacDonald”

  1. Lets see two votes for nunziata are far more important then keeping a walkway open for some kids that don’t vote…my guess is votes win kids loose. Lets hope nunziata office reads this and keeps the walkway open.

    1. What do you expect Nunziata to do? Isn’t it always in her best interest to side with the majority of where the votes are? Name one scenario where she’s done the opposite.

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