9 thoughts on “City soliciting feedback on 8 Locust St”

  1. Can’t disagree with that observation – which in the rendering, doesn’t show the viewer what the rest of the neighbourhood looks like. But, having driven by in the past it’s easy to see that this architectural wonder doesn’t really try to play nicely with what is currently present.

    Now, take for example the area just south of the Junction – right down that UP rail line to Dundas West, not far from Roncesvalles. We had to run an errand in the area and because of construction on the Dundas bridge (and it was a nice day) we decided to park it & walk.

    We headed south on Sorauren and soon realized that there were a lot of renovated old “factory” buildings on route (lofts, I guess), with just about as many brand new builds near them that were mimicking the architectural style, size and heights of the existing apartment style homes.

    Looked pretty good!

    Quite complimentary & respectful to the modernization of that old industrial area, really.

    So, how is it that some architects can creatively envision complimentary designs while others just want to ram a monstrous concrete phallus into an available space?

    Is it just a lazy design?

    Or just the easiest way to house hoards of people and cram ‘em in like cattle because it’s simply practical & expeditious?

    Not good..
    or decent.

    In addition, during this pandemic we’ve become more aware of the very real health & safety concerns of people living at great heights. Suddenly, the greater the height the more negative that real estate “location”, right?

  2. What an ugly tower. They’re not even trying to bring any beauty to the neighborhood. Zero effort.

  3. $$$ is the driver, for sure but adjacent to the new station, there is an automatic height exemption. That was agreed to by the city and province. The real question is, what else gets built to connect the tower to the community.

  4. A “height exemption”?

    (And then what, more monstrous towers because there’s a rail line & transit hub/yard near by?)

  5. It’s a horror. Why are we still building monstrosities and falling prey to all the fallout just because developers and politicians share perks”

    1. That’s a good question to ask Nunziata, the Mount Dennis Residents Group, Weston Residents Group, BIA etc etc

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