City staff recommend demolition of Ward Broome Bldg

The Ward Broome building at 2431 Weston Rd, just south of Oak St, will likely be demolished.

Dave Tomei applied to Etobicoke York Community Council for permission to demolish the former industrial paint and coating building. City staff have given their go-ahead, subject to conditions, and the matter will go one more time before the community council before going up to the city level for approval.

The existing private trees must be preserved, and Tomei will have to negotiate a beautification agreement with city staff.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “City staff recommend demolition of Ward Broome Bldg”

  1. why??? it’s such a nice looking building. the destruction of weston’s past continues. what future does this lot have? mustard stucco or cream vinyl siding? weston is turning into an aesthetic nightmare!

  2. I actually noticed the other day when i was driving by that this building is in need of some TLC – however tearing it down seems unnecessary.

    Any news on what they want to do with the site?

  3. Yet another building to be lost in Weston. It seems that the continual destruction of these older buildings will continue.

    What was the reason given for tearing it down? Is it unsafe? Is it condemned? Is it toxic?

    Perhaps it could be given new life as something else.

  4. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about what will come next, nor do I know the reason he wants to demolish the building.

    I do know, however, that it’s not a done deal. The community council meets next week to consider the plan, and they do not always do what staff recommend. Your councillor, Frances Nunziata, is Vice Chair of the Etobicoke-York council. Give her a call: (416) 392-4091

  5. Council has given a reprieve on the demolition until Jan 18th, 2011. The community will have to show a reason why it should not be demolished — any ideas? According to Jennifer in Frances’ office, Metrolinx has NOT offered to purchase it to help do ‘staging’ for when they rebuild the bridge as they have done with the property directly across the street. So who knows why he wants it demolished if there is no plan or application submitted.

    If anyone knows anything about the building or company that would warrant saving it, please let us know at 416-241-5801. We only have 3 weeks to figure it out!

  6. The building is an eye sore. The roof is about to collapse. Thanks to the outsourcing of manufacturing there is no use for the building. I suggest the members that don’t want it demolished should buy it themselves….Who knows…maybe turn it into a heritage prison and detain all the thugs committing crimes in Weston…Currently squatters use the building to drink the beer they obtained by pan-handling at Tim Hortons. There is an idea,,have the bleeding heart liberals who love the building buy it and turn it into a condo for homeless people…

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