City staff say no speed humps for Queens Drive

The city is recommending against speed humps on Queens Drive. The issue will be discussed at the next meeting of the Etobicoke York Community Council on September 16.

Staff looked at installing humps between Elm and Rosemount. They found that cars didn’t travel particularly fast on the street, and less than 15% of cars were going faster than 43 km/h.  There was also too little traffic to warrant the installation.

If the community council overrules city staff, residents will be surveyed. More than half of residents must respond, and 60% must be in favour for staff to recommend the installation.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “City staff say no speed humps for Queens Drive”

  1. Queens is pretty narrow in that stretch – tough to race down it, with parked cars, too.

    They should be okay.

    Just teach your children well..
    ..look both ways before you take that first step on to the roadway.

    Never, ever take it for granted.

    1. There are usually a number of parked cars along that stretch of roadway. In the winter this section gets poor plowing because of the parked cars. I would rather have them use some of the excess asphalt to fill in the potholes , but then if it was smoother people might go faster (LOL). Let the residents of that section decide, but my opinion is that they are not needed. (from a resident on the section of Queen’s that does have speed bumps).

  2. Pot holes like swimming pools along that bit. Some could literally take your car out. Moreover, as noted, narrow with parked cars.

  3. There are speed bumps all over Weston. Maybe we need something else that will really work to solve the problem of cars racing down our our neighbourhood streets.

    The pot holes along Church seem to be working.

    1. can we not think of another way or is this simply an easy way for nunziata to appear as though she is “listening” and “doing”……???

        1. who is complaining I am stating the facts.

          We can have SLOW DOWN signs placed along the route, speed monitors placed, build roundabouts, etc…..maybe have you stand and yell at people to slow down.

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