Cityslkir slams ‘Queen Frances’

If you ever get a chance to watch Cable 10’s live broadcasts or webcasts of Toronto City Council meetings, you’re in for quite an interesting time. This is where politics, personalties and dogma come together to exchange verbal blows and while the result isn’t pretty, it’s compulsive viewing for political junkies. It’s also a chance to view our councillor, Frances Nunziata in her other main role as Council Speaker.

Toronto blogger Cityslikr has written a scathing indictment of Councillor Frances Nunziata’s performance in this other role. Cityslikr puts our councillor’s performance right up there with the antics of wildly controversial Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, both tireless, partisan defenders of Mayor Rob Ford and his team. According to Cityslikr,

Hectoring, nakedly partisan, she has maintained the fractious, contentious tone bestowed on council chambers by Don Cherry in his inaugural address.

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4 thoughts on “Cityslkir slams ‘Queen Frances’”

  1. I’ve been a couple of council meetings last summer. Spent about hour in the afternoons. One of them I remember was about bike lanes and Jarvis debate. And wow it was crazy. People in the gallery was loud, cheering on their favorite council member. It reminded me of some of my rowdy junior high school classes I had. It was like football match. (Ford would feel right at home). Of course some of the council members on both sides of the partisan row encouraging their fans in the gallery. Stupid tactics such as Mammoilli with his thumps up or down during votes or Shelley Carrol’s raises your hands in silence for approval. Stupid and childish. I saw Frances there..yes she was loud, maybe little bitchy..but if I was in her shoes I would do the same thing. How could you control that circus at City Hall if you have be tough talking and loud? If fact I saw a little of the meeting on TV about Mammoilli vs. ombudsmen. I think Frances handle that well…You can’t been a doormat when you are in charge those council meetings that’s for sure.

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