CityTV report on 1730 and 1736 Weston Road

A screen shot from the CityTV article.

If there was evidence needed of gentrification in Weston, this next item might provide some.

CityTV did a story on Thursday, March 29 about the building at 1730 Weston Road where it seems the landlord, Westhaven Property Management Inc., has issued 60-day notice to tenants, many of whom are on year-to-year leases. There are apparently no plans to renovate or demolish and replace 1730 Weston Road.

The building right next door at 1736 Weston Road is home to Grace Restoration Ministries and has a notice in the front window stating that the site will be redeveloped.

Councillor Nunziata makes an appearance at the end of the news segment but provides little comfort to tenants, basically saying that if the building does get redeveloped, the new one must have retail on the ground floor or else she won’t support it.

Watch the video here.

7 thoughts on “CityTV report on 1730 and 1736 Weston Road”

  1. Maybe nunziata realized that weston was becoming more if a dump under her watch and says time for landlords to clean up their act…..still not right for landlord to kick someone out, but it is a private business.

  2. Its time for gentrification in Weston. Get rid of the drug dealers, and guns. Enough of the Liberals wasting our tax dollars bring in the Conservatives to clean up the huge mess Wynn and Trudeau has left Canadian in.

    1. Oh, Mike. How long were the Conservatives in power before Trudeau was elected? Also, didn’t the Conservatives get rid of the gun registry? What did they do to stop guns and gangs?

      Further, Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario, not the Prime Minister. She hasn’t left Canada in a mess. Her and her government have made some bad decisions, but I don’t think they can be blamed for gangs and guns.

      Also, go ahead and gentrify Weston. I’ll sit here and wait for everyone to complain about something new once that happens.

      1. I would rather people complain about stores being too expensive, or complain about how the area looks to “high end” as oppose to having to deal with the crap that lines Weston Rd today.

  3. The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “gentrification” – the upgrading of a working-class urban area by the arrival of more affluent residents.

    It’s a term tossed around quite a bit these days. And now, even more so in the Weston area, too.

    I’m going back to re-listen to an excellent CBC Radio 1 program called,
    “Out in the Open” where it’s host, Piya Chattopadhyay & her team devoted an entire hour to the topic of Gentrification, back on Sept.22, 2016.

    It was worthy of attention then. And, probably even more so now in and around these parts of the city.

    The program discusses change in many neighbourhoods in Canada & the USA – including New Orleans, Harlem, Yellowknife, the downtown east side of Vancouver, and a few other spots like the one that the host apparently lives in with her family, Parkdale.

    The full episode of “Out in the Open” (Sept.22, 2016) is broken down into 5 short chapters, all worth hearing, if for no other reason than awareness building.

    The chapter topics are:

    – Why it’s so hard to talk about ‘The G Word’
    – Gentrifying while black
    – One cafe’s endeavour to redefine Yellowknife’s abandoned downtown
    – the business of positive change in Canada’s poorest postal code
    – How the legacy of Jane Jacobs shaped modern day gentrification

    It’s easy to find – and still available on

    Happy Easter, Weston!

  4. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how gentrification in Weston would be even remotely possible??? What happens to all those low-income rental buildings? Do they suddenly get fully renovated into luxury apartments? Do they get redeveloped into condos?

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