Clean Train Coalition says it will appeal

According to InsideToronto, the Clean Train Coalition will appeal the recent loss to Metrolinx.

“The Divisional Court basically said its doors are closed to citizens seeking protection against decisions by government agencies that may cause harm to health or the environment,” said the group’s legal counsel Saba Ahmad in a statement released on Dec. 4.

“We cannot let this decision go uncontested.”

Spokesperson Tim Noronha said another reason for an appeal was overturning the court’s decision to require Clean Train to pay Metrolinx legal fees of $30,000, which he believed was sending a discouraging message to small groups opposing government decisions.

“We rely on donations and if a grassroots group like us is stifled, that’s not good for democracy,” said Noronha on Tuesday morning. “It sets a bad precedent.”



Author: Adam Norman

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