Clean Trains Now signs sprouting

York South–Weston MP Mike Sullivan continues to campaign for electrification of the rail corridor that passes through Weston and in particular, the Airport Rail Link. Signs to that effect are available for front lawns, balconies etc . To get your sign, email Mike Sullivan with your name, full address and phone number.

3 thoughts on “Clean Trains Now signs sprouting”

  1. Thank you Mike. Laura Albanese has proven herself to be simply a puppet of Dalton and has failed to represent and protect the community.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Why don’t you get the money for electrification from the Federal Government since rail lines are a federal responsibility and you are the MP for the area. It’s very easy to call for electrification when you’re not the one expected to fund it. You’re being intellectually dishonest with your constituents. And how convenient that the signs are orange and green. Laura Albanese is the reason there is a stop in Weston. Mike Sullivan had nothing to do with that. The province is funding this project while the Feds do nothing. Talk is cheap.

  3. Wow, Tenio! Where have you been for the past 7 years? The community, led by Mike Sullivan as a private citizen, is the reason why we have a stop. We got that stop in 2005/2006 when we worked with the previous proponents and GO Transit who were in charge of building the line. When was she elected? November 2007. So the stop was in almost 2 full years before she became MPP. It was only announced AFTER she became MPP so she likes to take credit but it had nothing to do with her. You can even ask Councillor Nunziata who was actually at our very first meeting in 2005.

    Before you start slamming people, you might want to get the facts. Over 2500 people attended a meeting at the old Prayer Palace on Jane Street in April 2005 to clearly state their concerns, wishes and demands. You have basically erased the hard work of many people, including Mike and others, who came together and are still working together to get electrification. It could have been achieved if the Province had taken the Draft Terms of Reference for the Environmental Assessment that had been presented on October 26th, 2006 to them instead of shelving the document and then changing the legislation in 2008 regarding transportation projects. That EA was to cover all options, types of trains and various routes. We won the right to have that EA in June 2005 after proving that a Full EA was required for this line and was the responsible thing to do for the 300,000 residents who live in the Corridor. The Province has wasted the years between 2006 and 2009 by not following the directive given to them, by changing the rules and using stalling tactics and spending OUR tax dollars to call us liars. That is who is being ‘intellectually dishonest’. Ms. Albanese has not helped us achieve any of the ‘extras’ like a stop in Weston. We already have a stop here — it’s called GO Transit. Why would they not stop here when the infrastructure is already in place? Made no sense to us. Neither did stopping at Woodbine Racetrack where no-one lives. We got that off the original plan too. Or is Ms. Albanese taking credit for that too?

    And p.s. the site for the new GO station was already in mind with the Province when they purchased the site of the old West End Chrysler back in the early 2000’s — long before announcing this rail link.

    Sir, you need to get your facts straight. Maybe you should be visiting or for the answers.

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