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I’ve noticed that a few comments on the site have been rather negative and sometimes a touch unkind. I wonder we could all take it down a notch.

Comments are troublesome all over the internet, and here much less than most; I thank you for that. Nonetheless, I’m going to propose a model for us all to follow: that of a dinner party.

People are polite when they go over to another’s house. Roy and I, and our wonderful contributors, have put quite a bit of work into putting this all together for you. We are delighted to have you visit, and we’d love to have you stay—as long as you bring your manners.

I mean this seriously, and it will be the test I apply when I decide whether to delete comments: if it wouldn’t be welcome at a dinner party, it’s not welcome as a comment. I shall delight in deleting boors.

If you don’t like a comment, feel free to email me and I’ll have a look.

If I find you repeatedly breaking the rules, I’ll ask you to leave. You won’t be invited back in. If I find that a small corner of my party is getting a little heated, I’ll step in and cool things down with sprayed soda water.

And, of course, people get heated and even angry at parties. I understand. But I think we can see it as regrettable rather than inevitable. Challenge ideas that you disagree with rather than people. You’re here for cocktails, not keggers. Slips will be tolerated. Blockheads will not.

And here is a deal for you. If you want to host a kegger, I’ll help you set it up. (I’ll show you how to make a website.) But this party is mine. You can’t crash it.

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