Community day on UPX

The UP Express, which launched last week, had a community day today, giving free rides to all takers. It was extremely well attended—with standing room only on the ride I took.

The trains are nice; they are designed much like airliners, with overhead luggage bins and a functional, though not beautiful, interior.

Bugs remain, though. I had to wait more than 25 minutes for a train that runs every 15. Worse, there were no announcements about the schedule or of delays. Had I been waiting to catch a flight, I would have worried.

The platforms weren’t very clearly marked: the television screens all say the same thing, whether you are heading to the airport or downtown: “Pearson: Track 2, Bloor & Union: Track 1”.  That’s dumb: it puts the onus on riders to find out whether they’re on the right track rather than telling them. Finally, the platforms are open. Even today, in fairly nice weather, it was pretty cool and damp.




Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Community day on UPX”

  1. I overheard a conductor (who are all dressed like a1940’s forest ranger) say “this is the busiest this will ever be”.

    There also seemed to be way too many customer service people for the actual number of paying passengers (my count was 2). I guess this is why is costs $22 to get downtown from Weston on it.

  2. I took ride today. Those trains are seem louder than a GO train..I guess cause the engine is on the bottom..I didn’t see the cloud smoke come out of the train like GO..maybe that’s the “clean diesel” part they keep mentioning. Also that “clang clang” of the trains bells every 15 min or so..I don’t know how those who live near the station can stand it..I could hear them pretty well over here on Pine. I think eventually they will close Weston build near Mount Dennis for Eglinton LRT

  3. Today I could of taken the train home from the airport….but decided to take a cab…$33…dropped me off right at my door. I will expense my cab ticket tomorrow at work.

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