Conning Tower #2 online

If you have an hour—or 12—to spare, the Toronto Public Library has posted issue #2 of The Conning Tower, the yearbook of the Weston High and Vocational School. High school yearbooks generally give me nightmares, but this one is special: it’s from 1928.

Weston High and Vocational became Weston CI, the second-oldest high school in Toronto , and the Conning Tower continues to be produced. Some of the themes remain the same: moral exhortation (though directed at gossip, admittedly a little more tame than the issues students face now), pranks, inside jokes, and awkward photos. Squibb’s makes an appearance too, as do some dearly departed business: CCM, Moffat—and a bowling alley.

The main changes in the school are those in the gymnasium, where many new sets of apparatus have installed. A set of rings and a ladder give ample opportunity for the pupils to test their muscles. Chest bars have been created for the benefit of those who wish to give their stomach muscles a little variation in exercise. A springboard has been procured for the tumblers to wax daring on. These new additions, with last year’s apparatus of the Horse. Parallel Bars and. the High Bar, furnish the school with very respectable gymnasium equipment.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.