Conservatives announce candidate

Jasveen Rattan will be the Conservative candidate in the upcoming federal election. Dr. Rattan has a Ph.D. in Recreation and Leisure Studies.

In a bit of tone-deaf Tweeting, after spending her birthday in York South—Weston for one day of campaigning, Rattan said that she has “heard your concerns” and “will bring the change you are asking for.”

Call me skeptical, but I think that the issues in our riding could, perhaps, do with a bit more study than a day allows.

Historically, York South–Weston has been a centre-left riding. The Conservatives have never held it, but they did have a strong showing in the last provincial election. Mark DeMontis, the PC candidate who was running again federally, withdrew early in the campaign.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “Conservatives announce candidate”

  1. I could be wrong, but I am led to understand that our new Conservative candidate neither lives nor works in York-South Weston.

    1. Do any of them live in the ward?
      Maybe its time to vote in a conservative since no one else seems to get anything done…..

      1. NDP candidate, Yafet Tewelde, lives and works in YSW for sure. I don’t think Liberal incumbent does or has ever.

  2. I agree with Laurie, if she is suggesting the importance of living in this riding helps provide a more insightful perspective – if you’re asking for our vote of confidence to represent the riding.

    So, does Dr. Rattan life in this riding?


  3. She lives in Mississauga, spending her doctor-husband’s money. This woman has been a professional student and grifter her whole life.

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