Construction has started on the UP Express.

Construction has started on the UP Express line to Pearson Airport.

In a very encouraging tweet, Glen Murray, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, made a very clear, unequivocal commitment to electrifying by 2017, an issue about which he had been less than perfectly clear.


That is all.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Construction has started on the UP Express.”

  1. Really? Construction has started? Why are the politicians always the last to make the announcement — of, I know, it’s because no one would believe that all the redirected traffic, mud, dump trucks, heavy equipment parked all over the place could mean anything until the politicians tell us.

    This is humiliating, as humiliating as trying to move around in this neighbourhood now, to school, work, the library, food shopping, the other side of the tracks …Report

  2. I agree with first comment. and since when Laura is the MPP of Mississauga? If she wants to do photo-ops then do in the riding, Weston. In fact I wonder how inconvenience she is about mess in Weston. Probably not!Report

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