Council asks for rail oversight

A council motion seconded by Frances Nunziata asks Transport Canada to review the CP Line that runs through Weston and ensure that it is safe and in good repair.

Council is also asking Transport Canada to look at alternative modes of transporting hazardous materials and to consider re-routing trains carrying hazardous materials to keep them out of town.

The motion sprung from the Lac Megantic disaster, in which dozens were killed and a village downtown destroyed after railcars carrying petroleum exploded. CN does not reveal how often dangerous goods are transported through Toronto—but 7% of railcars in Hamilton are.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Council asks for rail oversight”

  1. I’d like to think Transport Cda or CP has a lifecycle plan in place for their rail lines in general (?) At least a review is good news, and request for re-route – both are a long time coming. Especially with the track line that was moved even closer to properties to accommodate the tunnel construction through Weston. The bend in the track is really wavy now too & some trains just go flying by (even GO). I’ve been bracing myself for a derailment ever since each time I see one speeding by.

    I hope the review is conducted & these issues are addressed professionally. Probably even more important now since soon the arl will be using that corridor too. I’d hate to think of the carnage if a freight train derailed over top the arl. And with the rush on to finish the tunnel…who knows what’s being overlooked for the sake of the Pan Ams.

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