Council to ask AGCO to yank licences after shootings

City Council will ask the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to pull the liquor licences of establishments that have “been the scene of gun violence or where patrons have been in the possession of handguns or where the police have found handguns on the premises”.

Frances Nunziata said that his measure is necessary because

They’re open all night, it turns into a booze can or it turns into an after hours club, and they party on the streets and the next thing you know there’s guns and there’s gun violence….

They suspend their license for two or three weeks, and then they reopen….

People are afraid to walk down the street when they have that amount of violence.

Start video at 1:24:00 if it doesn’t do so automatically.

I’m pretty sure none of this is true. I come home pretty late on Friday nights, and I often ride my bike from strangling class. Of course, I’m not everywhere all the time, but I’ve never once seen a party on the streets. (Nor have I seen guns or gun violence).

The data, such as they are, back me up. There have been two shootings in Weston in 2019. Neither happened after hours. One happened in broad daylight, outside a convenience store—perhaps we could pull their lottery-tickets?

Nunziata’s efforts to clamp down on gun violence should be applauded. But this is neither a real effort nor clamping down. It’s a waste of time.

Worse, it’s an embarrassing slander against our town. Nobody wants to live in a place like she describes—but her riding is nothing like she describes it.

If Nunziata were serious about preventing crime and keeping kids safe, she could have funded after-school programs at libraries.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Council to ask AGCO to yank licences after shootings”

  1. The ward that elected her is quite large – more than just Weston & Mount Dennis.

    And, in these different areas of the ward, some of these establishments are in “industrial/commercial” areas, where there may be vacancies – perfect for a small spiritual congregation or a fun gathering place to hang with “friends”, and enjoy a few pops.

    Might that be where the concern is?

    Where at times, those really late night “clubs” spill over & take their “party” to the outer perimeters, late into the wee hours?

    Who’s that comfortable – to pass by places with perhaps something lurking “under cover of the night”, when some these days have very short fuses, in this day & age?

    But, in fairness Adam, I’ve not bothered to download the 2 hours of exciting city council chamber video, to formulate a definitive opinion.

    “Liebaries” are good, but there’s no beer & wine.. yet.

    1. Well, that could be. But I think if you listen to her full comments, she makes it clear that these places have neighbours and the neighbours are upset. I don’t think that there are many neighbours in commercial or industrial neighbourhoods.

      Also, I mean, really–street parties? At 3 am? Where? Has anybody seen one of these? Why am I never invited?

      1. its always a show with nunziata not sure why people voting her in along with other clowns at city hall…term limits please….

  2. Libraries, after school programs – she’s against them, of course.
    All about grandstanding not reality.

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