Council to consider high-rise development at Cruickshank Motors

Developers are putting the final touches on their plans and again asking Community Council’s permission to build a high-rise condo building on the Cruickshank Ford site. The building, if approved, would be 18-storeys tall with 204 condominiums. The condos will be  one- or two-bedroom units, averaging about 900 square feet in size.

City planners have given their nod to the plan, as long as the owners make a few guarantees—among them $150,000 for improvements to Swanek Park and $5000 for the WHCD.

The Cruickshank family has been working  in Weston since the 1850s. They manufactured buggies and horse-drawn carriages, and began selling Fords in 1945.

According to planners, the existing buildings will be demolished to make room for the tower. Chris Fotevski, the General Manager of Cruickshanks, says “the longer term plan is to keep the retail here and keep servicing the community”. They have, he says, “no intention of moving”.


UPDATED: I spoke with Chris Fotevski, and he clarified that Cruickshank’s is no longer family owned. The business will not close, and will, instead, move into the bottom floors of the building.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Council to consider high-rise development at Cruickshank Motors”

  1. What a great opportunity for Weston! Could this spell the beginning of a much needed redevelopment of the main strip? Exciting times in our beloved village.

  2. For everyone who walks along Weston Road, the prospect of another tall building and more wind-tunnel effect is daunting.

    Planning needs to take into account the many pedestrians who travel along that route, children to school, people to shop, especially in winter.

    The streetscape is just an important of revitalizing Weston; pedestrian-friendly instead of terrifying and chilling as the walkway is now would be a huge step forward.

  3. i have quite a few concerns with this project.

    -what is the heritage value of the buildings/structures currently occupying this site?

    -if the project goes ahead, considering the history of the site, there should be an archaeological exploration done to find any items of significance that may be buried below.

    -the name of this building should pay tribute to the history of the site. my suggestion is “the cruickshank tower”. please, no silly trendy european or generic names whose meanings have nothing to do with weston or the history of the site.

    -from the looks of the rendering, the building podium looks a little too far set back. it should align with the front of the weston federal building to meet the street better. we’re not planning to tear down the weston federal building, are we?

    -the building should be designed for the times. it’s 2012. hopefully it doesn’t end up looking like something built in 1992. also, building materials shouldn’t be used in a way to “fake heritage”. think of that house near church & george streets.

    -speaking of materials, please, no stucco or large amounts of exposed concrete. the only exposed concrete should be a few inches from the ground or small decorative elements. also, no excessive use of precast as cladding. the exterior should be made with quality bricks that reflect this current decade in style. stucco is very cheap and ages very poorly. it also reflects poorly of the construction quality of the building. also, no green glass! it’s the cheapest.

    -the project should be one of high quality construction, aiming toward attracting higher income clients. we don’t need cheap condos that will be purchased for use as rental apartments. we need to attract people of higher income brackets to weston road to get some economic diversity and fuel the conversion of all the pay day loans establishments to something better.

    -i’ve heard about this project before and i heard there were people trying to get the height reduced. if the building is higher, it is not a problem. we shouldn’t be nimbys about the height/density of the project. if we want a subway in weston/ transit improvements, we should not be against height density. there are far more meaningful concerns., such as thouse i have mentioned. it really doesn’t matter if the building is 18 floors or 38 floors. if anything, we should ask for taller. the building should look like it reaches up to the sky & not like a fat rectangular stump.

    take my advice developers & weston and we will have something good. this site is too important.

  4. Maybe a new splash pad at the Swank Park? That would great. Time to get rid of the baseball park. It’s sad that old business are moving but car dealerships really are moving to the ‘burbs with bigger lots these days. What I’m worry about is the speeding on Weston Rd. There needs to be speed traps. If they the ever re-do Weston Rd they need to build wider sidewalks larger curbs. They did that to Jane Street north of Wilson couple years ago.

  5. Hopefully this will result in the old beer store location across the street getting redeveloped too.

    They should also keep the iconic Cruickshank lettering and incorporate it into the new building.

  6. How will donating money to Swanek Park and WHCD help revitalize Weston Road?
    900 square foot condos will be bought up by investors and once again rented….
    A condo backing onto the Humber River any other place in the GTA would sell for a million dollars….but not in Weston. Sigh.

  7. On the surface this sounds like a great project…and perhaps it will be. Time will tell if yet another tall building on the banks of the Humber will be a positive for the downtown core of Weston. I remain a skeptic though.It would seem history is repeating itself. We have all been witness to years of the decay of Weston, in part due to the reckess approval of similar projects….what makes this any different? I certainly hope the outcome is different.
    Our civic leaders have yet again taken the easy way out.They have approved the demo of a historic (protected) building on that site in exchange for a useless parkette rather than seek a more creative solution. Our leaders have also approved a buiilding that exceeds the official plan in height for a payoff to please the residents around Swanek Park which is located in North York.
    while I respect the efforts of those residents who were fighting the relocation of St Johns School to the park..I believe the developers $ contribution being used outside of Westons core suggests this decision is more political than whats best for the residents of downtown Weston, who have to live with yet another building.

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