Council to consider new bike paths in Weston

This week, City Council will be pushed toward two new bike paths in Weston.

The first part of the motion asks council to direct the city to “work with Metrolinx to explore all opportunities for a bike trail network running adjacent to the tracks along the Georgetown Corridor, beyond the boundaries of the West Toronto Railpath, and if possible, connecting to the West-Toronto Railpath and other existing trails.”

The West Toronto Railpath runs along disused tracks from roughly Dupont to Dundas St. Joining it would make it a cinch to commute downtown from Weston on a bike.

The second part of the motion asks the city to explain what steps are being taken to fix the Weston gap in the Humber River trail. The gap in the trail severs a long path that would otherwise almost join the northern reaches of the city to Lake Ontario. There are other small gaps, but the one in Weston is the nastiest; it forces bicyclists to ride along a very busy section of Weston Road near the Superstore.

The motion does not appear to commit the city to actually building the paths; it asks the city to explore and report. It was proposed by Nunziata and seconded by Ainslie.

The gap in the Humber Trail. Purple shows the route the city recommends. Red shows the most direct route. Past Cruickshank, the path runs almost uninterrupted to the lake. Past the 401, it runs nearly to Finch.
The West Toronto Railpath

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Finally they get around to connecting the trail. Traveling on bike around that part of Weston is very dangerous and always frightens me, I have had many near collisions with vehicles.

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