Councillor Nunziata explains her vote against bike lane on University Ave

Frances Nunziata explained her decision to vote against the bike lane on University Avenue. She voted to defer the decision on that lane until a study from Fire and Emergency Services had been completed.

Councillor Nunziata said that she was worried by the number of hospitals on University and that there could be conflict between bicyclists and ambulances. Jennifer Cicchelli, a staff member for Nunziata, said “emergency services felt that bicycle lanes would not be safe, as ambulances frequently have to speed up and down the street, and make quick turns to get to the hospitals, which could jeopardize the safety of cyclists using the proposed bicycle lanes.”

On the phone Nunziata said that she voted for all the other bike lanes considered last week. She said she would consider voting for the new lane on University when the study is completed and the lane is reconsidered, perhaps next year.

Author: Adam Norman

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