COVID rates in Weston are “alarming”

Frances Nunziata says that the COVID positivity rate in Weston is “alarming”.

New data that was reported this week on the overall percent of COVID-19 test positivity rates by neighbourhood indicates that rates in York South—Weston are alarming and disproportionately high compared to other parts of Toronto.

The city’s official numbers haven’t been released, but a Toronto ER doctor published a table that says Weston’s positivity rate is 8.3%—not, thankfully, the highest in the city, but still far above the “3% [that] should prompt shutdowns”

Weston has seen 68 new cases in the past three weeks, an increase of 11 over last week. Eight of the cases occurred in healthcare facilities.

Schools in Weston, however, have largely been free of COVID infections. Pelmo Park had one case in a teacher, but no other cases have occurred in schools in Weston. (There has been a handful of cases in schools that receive students from Weston.)

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “COVID rates in Weston are “alarming””

  1. As polarized as we clearly are across the land at the beginning of this infamous new decade, there’s still much to be thankful for, at least relatively.

    So, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Now, wouldn’t it be nice & perhaps very helpful in the battle against this potentially deadly virus, if our federal leadership types (and their subsequently linked political allies, medical community & lobbyists) give their much needed approval for a good, simple, quickly turned around “self testing” Covid-19 device (or strip like an at home pregnancy test)?

    How could that not help quickly direct one’s energy properly toward expert examination – instead of wasting much more time & resources in long lineups, etc.?

    Like absolutely exhausting & wasting our lab technicians efforts & obviously, our monetary resources?

    “.. poop or get off the pot.”

    Heard a great line earlier this week, and I’m sorry I don’t recall who spoke the words in defence of getting on with it, already (Minister of Health):

    “The enemy of Good is Better.
    And, the enemy of Better is Best.”


    Who wouldn’t settle on “Good” right now? (As everyone unholsters their fingers this holiday weekend, getting ready to aim & fire in the days ahead.)

    Again, pretty sure there’s something to be grateful for this Oct. 12th and beyond – even though it might not look like it’s “happy dance” worthy.

    (Hey, OHIP’s good, right?)

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