COVID this week

The third wave of COVID cases hasn’t yet crested. Weston reached a new peak this week: 225 cases in the past 21 days, up from 212 seven days ago.

In other COVID news, West Park released 2000 vaccination spots for hotspot residents on Thursday at noon, and it was a debacle. All the appointments for the coming week were released at once, and within minutes, the site had crashed for many. Others were placed in virtual lines, only to see the expected waiting time grow and grow—and then find that all appointments were gone.

From West Park

Finally, the city announced that it will be tripling the doses available to hot-spot neighbourhoods, including ours.

The Team Toronto Sprint Strategy will bring more mobile and pop-up clinics to priority areas of Toronto. Anyone 18 or older who lives in the community will be eligible, but you might not hear about the clinics, since they will be promoted “only to the specific neighbourhoods that the clinic is meant to serve.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.