Crime down dramatically in 12 Division

Weston is boring. A few years ago, we had the some shootings, but increased policing, secular declines, and—frankly—good luck have made Weston a very safe place. Apart from occasional muggings, almost always of young people coming home from school, and almost always of their cellphones, not much happens here. Thank god.

Weston is getting even more boring. Midway through the year, all areas of crime are down, most dramatically. Break and enters are down by nearly 40%, as are sexual assaults. Robberies are down 20%. Auto thefts and thefts over $5000 are down by 7% and 15%. Murders—which are a terrible indicator of crime in general because they are so rare—are non existent.

Weston has long been a safe place, even if it sometimes has a bad reputation. This year, it promises to be positively dull.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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