Crime last year

Toronto Police have released crime statistics for 2014.  Crime in 12 Division (an area much larger than Weston—Mount Dennis) is unchanged from 2013.

The quality of the statistics is far lower than it used to be—the police used to release major crime reports, maps, and year-to-date statistics, but now they release numbers only for entire divisions and only very infrequently. This makes it hard to know whether crime is changing in Weston, and where crime is occurring.

Still, some information can be gleaned from the numbers they’ve released. Auto thefts are up substantially. 236 cars were stolen in 12 Division last year, 19% more than in 2013. Police ‘cleared’ 12% of the thefts. Dramatically more cars were stolen across the city, though, so 12 Division was not unusual.

There were 19% more robberies in 12 Division, too, and in this respect we are very unusual. Robberies were down 8% in the city as a whole, so our increase in robberies is particularly striking. We also have a robbery rate far higher than the city average: there was one robbery in 12 Division for every 560 people, compared to one for every 706 people in all of Toronto. (Those numbers are worth remembering; even if you live to 100, you are very unlikely to be mugged.) Sexual assaults were up too, but less dramatically.

Now the good news: Assaults, break-and-enters, and ‘thefts over’ were all down. Assaults, which are—by far—the most common reported crime, were down 5%. The police were also able to clear 70% of them, which makes it clear who is being assaulted: spouses. B&Es were down 14%, and thefts over $5000 were down the most of any category of crime: 27%. These all compared favourably with the city as whole, which saw increases in all categories.

Finally, there was one fewer murder in 12 Division last year. This, of course, is statistically meaningless since there are so few murders.

In total, there were 1,580 reported crimes in 12 Division, which contains about 116,000 people—1 crime for every 72 people. In The city as a whole—the safest city in North America—you had a 1 there was one for every 77.

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Crime in 12 Division
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Crime in Toronto


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.