Crime lately

Last week, we reported that there may be a reason to be cautious in the neighbourhood; the principal of CR Marchant said in her blog that two children had been followed home, and people had heard about the incidents on Facebook.

However, Frances Nunziata’s office says “I have confirmed with a Sergeant at 12 Division that they are not aware of any suspicious individuals around CR Marchant School.”

Your correspondent wonders if this is all gossamer spun from the rumour mill.  Dear reader, have you yourself spoken to a police officer about this unsettling case? Leave a comment if so.

In other crime news,  honestly, it’s been pretty lousy lately. A car was found with bullet holes in the Pelmo Park area, shots were fired on Romanway Crescent, and there have been—dear god—five shootings in the southern Weston area in the past month.

Your correspondent, for one, is looking forward to hearing from our candidates on this issue.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Crime lately”

  1. Crime is going up in Weston. Hopefully we won’t get radio silence from the candidates!

    1. Crime is going up everywhere. We’re not exclusively unique when it comes to gangsters around the city who try and eliminate each other.

      But, what could set our neighbourhood apart is for the people in this community (Ward, Riding) to step up & speak up when they see something or smell something foul, and help those who are trying to help us with these ongoing issues.

      Or at the very least, deal with our own collective silence – pick up the phone & throw them a bone. Call “Crime Stoppers” for starters, and stop wringing your hands.

      It’s not pretty, but it ain’t Chicago or Baltimore.

      1. Well said… we live in a big city with big city problems. There is not one corner of GTA that is not inflicted with criminality – it’s just sometimes a different ‘type’ in another area. And trust me, those people complain about that too. Every community, rich and poor and in-between, has crime.

        And if we want more officers, we will need to pay more taxes. There are no shortcuts for getting the services you want.

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