Crime so far this year

12 Division police have updated their crime statistics for the year-to-date. It’s a mixed bag.

Assaults, by far the most common crime in Weston, are up 12%. (Most assaults are domestic assaults, not street assaults.) Sexual assaults were down 15%.MCI01 - Seven Major Crime Indicators_5611_image004

Auto thefts are up dramatically. There have beenĀ 26% more thefts this year than in the same time in 2014. 87 cars were stolen, too, so it is not a mere statistical blip.

Robberies, by contrast, are down 34%. There have been 55 robberies in 12 Division this year, down from 83 last year.

There are many caveats: these are numbers for all of 12 Division, which is much bigger than Weston. They are small and interim numbers too, so small changes in absolute numbers can lead to large changes in percentages. Finally, these numbers have to be kept in perspective: Toronto is the safest city in North America and the eighth-safest city in the world.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.