Crime Statistics for 2017 in 12 Division.

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CP 24 hosts an interesting page of statistics detailing crime across the city for the last few years. Visitors can see the occurrence of categories of crime for a particular police division or month and see the trends for a the last few years along with the ‘clearance’ which is police parlance for solved.

Having taken statistics courses in the golden era of the abacus (the more modern plastic ones though), we were trained to stay calm about trends when the occurrence rate is small. For example, murders in 12 Division were down 60% last year. That sounds like a huge drop but the actual number went from 5 in 2016 to 2 in 2017. Wonderful news but while 60% is more impressive, it’s not the whole picture.

More concerning is that certain crimes seem to be hard to solve. Only 28 out of 216 stolen car cases in 12 Division were solved last year for a dismal 13% clearance rate. Not encouraging for those who leave their car outside overnight.

There is some good news.

  • Our officers in 12 Division seem to be marginally better at solving crime than their colleagues in the rest of the city. Their clearance rate is 55% for all crime compared to 50% for the city as a whole.
  • Across the whole of Toronto, crime appears to have continued its steady downward trend after a blip last year.
  • February is the month when criminal behaviour is consistently at its lowest here and across the city.

Find the CP24 page at this link.

One thought on “Crime Statistics for 2017 in 12 Division.”

  1. I don’t know if it’s to be considered a reassuring trend or a hopeful glimpse into life in 12 Division, but this looks reasonable.

    And, I say that admitting that I didn’t crunch and compare the data at the city’s other divisions. (I didn’t find the search process at this site that user friendly. So, got tuckered out and quit trying. But, it might be our gear.)

    But realistically, we’re a little more rough & tumble than many other communities, and so you’d expect a somewhat varied amount of crime.

    Regarding the murder stat for 12 Division – whether it’s down 60% in one year, or down to 2 from 5 from the year before, that seems somewhat hopeful and positive.

    Auto theft – yeah, that would be annoying & frustrating – whether stripped for parts or vandalized in a joy ride.

    But, I dare say that more affluent neighbourhoods around the city may more regularly find their high end vehicles (including Toyota and Honda products) gone on any given morning, if they’re not careful with their parking arrangements.

    It’s evidently & quite obviously, a very lucrative source for thieves – whose next stop, may just be those stackable freight containers heading for sea side ports, and sailing to parts unknown.

    And, they move fast!

    Home security lighting & technology may add to your hydro bill, but this may be one’s best deterrent & insurance, as was the recommendation from the Staff Sargent and her team from 12 Division, back in November at the Weston Memorial meeting where they also reminded that if you don’t officially report a crime, they can’t very well help.

    They need details & tips because if it’s not on record & file, it’s almost impossible to solve a crime.

    As they said, gone are the days of, “a good cop is a nosey cop.”

    Incidently, current embattled Chief of Police, Mark Saunders spent many years working 12 Division before he was considered for the top position.

    Despite what the folks downtown/south of Bloor might think of Saunders, could his past touch & footprint be a one of the reasons for the relative, decent success rate at 12 Division?


    But, look out – from the looks of it our real law & order concern down the road could very well be continued global warming. Bad guys don’t like winter.

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