Crime this month. Whoops.

Turns out I wasn’t exactly right when I said that Weston has been quite crime free of late. As is often the case, the Toronto Police are giving contradictory information.

There has been, of late, a rash of street muggings: in the past month, six muggings occurred on or near Weston Road. Another mugging happened on Lawrence.  No other information about the crimes is available.

Muggings were up dramatically in the past week in 12 Division. In the past seven days, there were 10—typically, there are about three. (12 Division is much bigger than Weston. It goes all the way to St Clair.)

Street robberies remain significantly down year-on-year, however. There have been 22% fewer in 2013 than there were in 2012.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.