Crosswalk coming to to Eglinton, speed humps to John

The city will install a crosswalk on Eglinton where an elderly woman was struck and killed trying to cross. According to

York-South Weston Coun. Frances Nunziata requested the city install the pedestrian crossing on Eglinton Avenue West, 100 metres west of Pearen Street in order to address an 800-metre gap between protected pedestrian crossings on that stretch. Council approved the signalized crossing in a meeting on Jan. 29. No firm date was set for installation.

In related news, Etobicoke York Community Council has overruled city staff and asked the city to install speed humps on John Street between Pine and Elm. When surveyed, 59% of respondents said that they were in favour. To recommend humps, city staff require 60% approval. Four councillors, including Nunziata, voted in favour of the humps. One councillor, Stephen Holyday, voted against them.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

10 thoughts on “Crosswalk coming to to Eglinton, speed humps to John”

    1. I agree, if she lost the vote by 1% in an election she would not get into counsel! So why did she override out votes against the speed bumps. It’s not right that we have to suffer thru speed bumps. They already lowered the speed limit on John St .
      The last time we had speed bumps on the road it didn’t stop speeders, they just sped up between the humps!

  1. Ha-ha-ha!
    Damned if she does, damned if she don’t.

    (So, who has the stomach & wants to be a politician in our polarized world? And, why not add even more fun to that – be on call 24/7.)

    Haters better hope she doesn’t have a little bit of that “Hurricane Hazel” attitude gene in her. The girl will have decades more to go!

  2. Can’t wait for these humps to come. Going to be fun watching people destroy their suspensions because they ignore speed limits.

  3. Often wonder about those types.
    (Clearly, not responsible for paying those repair bills or only pay the minimum on their credit card debts.)

  4. If they were gonna install bumps, at least put it on a street with nice homes and landscape. John is disgraceful and most owners don’t even live there they rent them out.

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