Cultural hub announced

Weston will be getting a ‘cultural hub’, Frances Nunziata announced earlier this week.

33 King will be redeveloped to hold an 8500 square foot cultural space and 24 artists’ live-work spaces. Much of the parking lot will become a residential apartments—townhomes and an 18 storey tower.

The abandoned lot to the east was recently expropriated and will now be turned into a much smaller parking lot. The farmers’ market will shift a little east toward the tracks.

Artscape, who did a fantastic job of the Wychwood barns on St Clair, and who have made a number of other excellent artists’ spaces around the city, will be behind the project, and Rockport Group will be the developers.


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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

14 thoughts on “Cultural hub announced”

  1. Are the residential apartments and townhouses to be condo units and how many in total? 28 stories sounds like a lot

  2. Are the residential apartments and townhouses to be condo units and how many in total? 18 stories????

  3. Artist workspaces and apartments, when we’ve been asking for a community centre and a Y.
    More apartments right beside Metrolinx diesel trains and the huge apartment blocks already built?
    This makes no sense: Wychwood is a very different neighbourhood, with a vibrant shop life along St Clair, no huge apartment blocks, and easy transit close by. Why ignore the reality of King St: 2 primary schools, a heavily immigrant population, lots of poverty and need for after school facilities, daycare, a gym, basketball, things to make children and parents part of the neighbourhood and to help keep the neighbourhood safe.

  4. Just what Weston needs – more apartment rental units. I was told
    300 additional units – tell me it isn’t so…

  5. This is political window dressing. And why is Nunziata even bothering? So she can say she has done all this lobbying and vision-constructing for neighbourhood’s future — when this will certainly do nothing to enhance or even sustain the community.
    Weston got the appalling high rises that are a blot on Weston Rd and King St under Nunziata, and now she brings us more of the same.

  6. So millions of my taxpayer dollars for 8500 square foot room will be called a cultural hub……? And folks like this idea? I am sorry but doesn’t the BIA, resident group, community have a say in this?

  7. Actually ‘Westonian’ – most apartment buildings on Weston Road were put up during the ‘reign’ of I think his name was Lloyd Sainsbury and his cronies….I don’t know who our councillor was when 33 King was constructed but what I do know is that the community fought tooth and nail against the building… sigh.

  8. wychwood barns is not in some dream neighbourhood- there are lots of high rises going up that will become rental with the condo slump, and there are nice homes surrounding by a lot of rentals as well. sheesh, some people can’t see the progress for their own need to constantly bitch about everything.

  9. I for one (apparently) am happy to hear this news! Artscape has done some great projects and I am excited to see what this could mean for Weston. There is also a charming (albeit a bit run down) library at King and Weston. And, there are plenty of shops along Weston that are housed in old buildings which could be very nice store fronts once again. Why live in Weston if you don’t believe it can improve?

  10. I usually don’t condone high rises beside rail lines, as they should be located near water and something for all floors to enjoy. But this development keeps the farmer’s market, consumes the vacant lot, brings energy to 33 King Street, brings in ArtScape. There are many positives with this development and I believe the Weston Village Residents Association is backing this development.

  11. I am not understanding this “cultural hub”? Where is the money coming from to pay for this? What is it? Who can use it? Also, I have to agree that I don’t like the way it sounds having additional rental units in Weston.

  12. Wasn’t there supposed to be a grant of over a million dollars to pay for this ‘hub’ -money coming from Metrolinx ?and wasn’t there another grant of over 80m obtained from another source? Both were reported in the Councillor’s newsletters…i’m confused. Is this money still forthcoming? And since the Cruickshank project seems cancelled what monies are paying for Swank Park now? Anyone know???

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