Daniel Winer enters the race

A new contestant has entered the race to be the next councillor of Ward 11. Daniel Winer is a marketing coordinator at Arbitration Place and an avid netizen.

He is soliciting feedback and developing a platform on Reddit, which is a bit like Facebook for nerds.

He says you can email him at [email protected]

His bio:

I’m from a small town but moved to Toronto when I went to York for University. I’ve dealt with the frustrations of inconsistent buses and a mythological subway system. When I first considered moving here (Keele/Finch), the North York extension was supposed to be complete by 2010. I don’t have a political science background, but I believe that anyone can do a better job than Ms. Nunziata. That starts by listening to your constituents and not taking them for granted. It’s about building a community that is greater than it’s [sic] individual parts – a lot of which can come from small businesses. In a city the size of Toronto, I really like the idea of each are [sic] having it’s own community feel. That would be my pre-talking-to-constituents version of York-South Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Daniel Winer enters the race”

  1. Never have heard of Mr. Winer. Has he been involved on the ground with ward 11 issues? Does he reside in ward 11 or YSW?

  2. We need change and that means fresh new political ideas to replace the old girl! My support means a vote for Daniel Winer!

  3. I’m not opposed to someone new with fresh ideas. But cannot we find someone who actually lives in the community? I believe you should live in the community you represent or at a minimum, have a real connection to it. Sometime the boundaries change, or you have to move slightly out of the neighborhood for family reasons, financial, space. But I hate the practice of people running in areas that people have no link or connection to, save and except political expedience or aspirations.

  4. Hi Paul,

    It is true that I’m outside the border – I’m literally on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ on the south end of ward 11. I certainly understand your concern.

    The truth is, I didn’t think I’d be running in this election. I’m a fan of most of the work my councillor does – hence why I didn’t register in the race until last week.

    My desire to run does not come from ‘political aspirations’, there goal isn’t to be councillor, though it is certainly a byproduct.

    The goal is to hold Ms. Nunziata accountable for the votes she has made on behalf of the citizens she is supposed to represent. Votes against transparency, access to online voting for those with disabilities, votes against even acknowledging that we need to find ways to fund transit ASAP. That list, as you can imagine, goes on.

    Although I do not live in the community, I’ve taken the 89 and have been frustrated by the bunching busses and the overcrowding. I’ve seen the challenges that areas of sprawl and factories while also wanting to see mom and pop shops succeed can present – especially when trying to bring together such a diverse community. I see the GO stations currently in the area and see nothing but potential for the ward, which will benefit the community of York-South Weston, and, in turn, the city as a whole. I understand your concern but hope that you won’t hold my address against me – I’d rather you disliked my ideas!

    If you’d like to discuss more, please feel free to reach out at [email protected] – I truly appreciate your concern and engagement in municipal politics.

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