De Montis endorses Ford for PC leader

Mark D Montis, the PC candidate for York South–Weston, has endorsed Doug Ford as PC leader.

Ford is seeking the leadership in the wake of Patrick Brown’s resignation. Ford is a populist, anti-environment, anti-elite millionaire.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “De Montis endorses Ford for PC leader”

  1. Reviewing his tweets, it took him a while to consider his underdog position in the sorry state of affairs down at PC headquarters.


    Eliotte? Mulroney?? Ford???

    No matter, because now that he’s hitching his wagon to Ford nation, does that change anything for him in the upcoming York South-Weston race?

    I can see it now,
    “Come on, Dougie!”

    Hey, could “bread & circus” be far behind?

    This should be fun!
    (Inn keeper – more beer!)

    1. After a few days of post TVO debate reflection & self examination, it seems that Mr. Demontis has once again thrown his support (with a guarantee) behind Patrick Brown – leaving Ford Nation behind. (Well at least, it’s a maybe, kinda, we’ll check the political landscape shortly, guarantee. )

      Ah, politics – different, but the same.

      (BTW, his tweets re: support for Ford Nation – have been deleted from his account.)

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