Debate on Rogers–Albanese not attending

Rogers will be airing a debate between most of the contenders for the provincial seat in York South—Weston. Laura Albanese will not be debating.

If true, this will be the second time that Laura Albanese has skipped the televised debates. Albanese also skipped two debates, including the televised one, in 2011.

Her office says “[the debate] is in the east end and with a limited amount of time during a writ period it is important for Laura to speak directly to as many voters as possible. We know that people want to speak to their candidate face to face, and we need to put aside a great deal of time to accomplish that.”

Ferreira’s office said, “open debate about important election issues is healthy for democracy and indeed serves the electorate well. We are disappointed Laura Albanese is avoiding these kind [sic] of public forums.”

Albanese’s office did say that she will be attending the all-candidates debate on June 4.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Debate on Rogers–Albanese not attending”

  1. ALL major candidates have confirmed for the Community Associations’ debate, Wednesday June 4, at the Civic Centre . Meet and Greet at 6:15, debate starts at 7Report

  2. The debates are a total waste of time… one from the community really attends, and by now most have already decided…..I get the feeling the lying liberals will win again, because folks are scared of the conservatives….too bad we will be stuck with Laura……Report

  3. The Rogers Debate? Who cares. The ten people that watch it. The community debate is what matters, not supporting the Rogers monopoly.Report

  4. Neither debate matter. Nothing like loaded questions being asked by each of the parties supporters. I think I’ll pass.Report

  5. Rogers TV debate is only chance for everyone living in York South-Weston to see for themselves what all candidates have to offer. It is wrong for a candidate not to participate. What voters doorstep does Laura Albanese plan on visiting at 9pm?!
    Lame excuse, why is she afraid of defending her record?Report

  6. Laura should attend the TV debate. I agree that was pretty lame excuse! Besides you would think she should be good on TV, wasn’t she a journalist on Italian TV before? Anyway this election is turning out to be a dud. Even Laura and Paul twitter feeds are just stating party talking points. Too bad there isn’t’ a independent candidate in YSW.Report

  7. I have Bell so I really don’t care. Plus, when I did have Rogers a decade ago – I never watched that channel – its lame. I’m looking forward to the debate on June 4th where I can actually ask a question anyways.Report

  8. I am tried of the liberal lies……yet the silly folks of Toronto continue to support Liberals…>WOW.
    First off Laura has done nothing for Weston as it relates to the train issue….whenever I have asked questions it has always been its a metrolink or city of Toronto matter…..
    Then she claims to be the one that approved the building of St. Johns when in fact the school board trustees made this a priority and the priorities are submitted to the Minister of Education who makes the final decision….Laura told me all she does is send in a letter of support.
    Its all BS I say and its time for people to start waking up and vote the liberals out…you have two choices, either PC or NDPReport

  9. It is very difficult to understand why a candidate would not attend a televised debate, It seems to me to be the perfect opportunity to defend your record. It is also difficult also to understand her explanation as to why she cannot attend. There’s definitely something that we are not being told. Didn’t she skip debates last time? Eric – you seem to know what’s happening in the Liberal camp – can you explain it to me?Report

  10. I cannot believe the PC party nominated Andrew Ffrench?? he said he is a partner in a business ? I worked with this guy in a call Centre. If this guy can do this job anyone can OMG!Report

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