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You can find videos of last night’s debate between Laura Albanese and Paul Ferreira on the WestonWeb YouTube channel. (The videos are uploading now, and should be done by Friday morning.)

I apologize for the quality of the videos and audio; it was a bit of a gong show around my house last night. I had to make do with my little camera and a seat in the audience.

The debate was often very spirited. The politicians’ supporters heckled, booed, cried ‘Shame!’, and called their opponents liars. At least one supporter was escorted from the meeting. The result was, well, not exactly a frank discussion of the candidates’ ideas.

At one point, the moderator had to ask for calm, and a representative of the Learning Enrichment Foundation had to remind the audience that the LEF “has been for years a place of open dialogue, questions, and respectful discussion.” He went on, in a voice filled with emotion, “I would ask that here, where people come to learn, and come to turn their lives around, that respect be shown.”

I am sorry to say that the heckling restarted only shortly later.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Debate videos online”

  1. laura albanese is incredible. she defies the laws of nature by taking credit for things that were accomplished by others before she even got into office. she might as well say that she was the driving force behind the united states constitution. sadly, alot of constituents don’t attend debates or watch debates but they do get political flyers in the mail & if those mailers contain incorrect information, if they haven’t been paying close attention, they can easily be misled by claims that are not obvious unless you do a bit research.

    it’s one thing to be supportive and aligned with the community’s work but you can not defy time & reality and say that you were the one that did the work for the community.

    laura is not the one who got a new GO station for weston.

    laura is not the one who got an air rail link station for weston.

    laura is not the one who prevented “all” the streets from closing (church, king & john), plus, john street will be permanently closed to vehicular traffic.

    man, my reaction is the result of only listening to her speak for a few minutes. i can imagine how much more b.s was being shovelled in the footage i didn’t see yet.

    every time i get & read her mailer i am nauseated. we seriously need a group to publish her claims and debunk them with evidence based facts. that i would enjoy receiving in the mail. every mailer should have a response mailer by an impartial group. that would keep the campaign honest. this is especially needed in a working class neighbourhood like weston where too many folks don’t have the time to attend debates.

    my apologies if she has some sort of memory disorder.

  2. Paul would take credit for a fart in an elevator if he thought it would get him a vote. I’m sorry, the above comment is totally one-sided.

  3. cynthia, i’m sorry if you see it as one sided but no portion of my comment endorsed anybody. i did not mention paul at all. it is a critique of our elected representative and that is all it is meant to be.

    p.s, isn’t your comment totally one sided as well? also, is a hypothetical example the best you can come up with for your critique of a candidate?

  4. Greetings. Yep, it really is the candidate . . .

    I enjoy reading this blog — thanks Roy, Adam! — so thought I’d respond to set the record straight.

    A number of community initiatives during my previous time in office. I could take credit for them, but I’m not into playing political games. My opponent did take credit for “killing” (her word in a Summer ’07 news release) the ARL. That claim was as bogus then as it is now.

    Any benefits we are deriving are largely a result of the community activism that started way back in ’04 — remember the WCC? I was involved back then, but if one person should take a bow, it’s our MP Mike Sullivan.

    Mike’s the one who first alerted me to the ARL issue (I was running as Federal candidate in ’04) and I am immensely appreciative of that. He devoted thousands upon thousands of hours over the past decade to this issue.

    Note that I have always taken pride in being a grassroots-oriented politician — which I suppose is why I’m taking part in this forum. I held monthly town hall meetings when I was the MPP and I will resume that practice should I be privileged to represent YSW again.

    In the meantime, if you want to cut through the spin with a question or comment, please don’t hesitate to email me directly:
    [email protected]

    Cheers, Paul

  5. Thanks for the video…Its the reason I don’t attend these community debates the candidates just filled the place with their supporters of course there’s going to be loud clapping and heckling. I hope these people go on Rogers TV Goldhawk show soon it would be better.

    Anyway are there any other candidates such as Green or independents? I don’t favor Albanese or Ferreira But cause the electoral system we have I have to vote strategically to stop Hudak/Mike Harris the Squeal PCs. I thinks PCs will take most of 905s and some Etobicoke ridings so if YSW could do something to stop a Hudak win with majority or minority the better. NDP doesn’t have Quebec they won’t form the govt. so I vote for them will be wasted, again cause of our electoral system.

    By the way, isn’t this like Ferreira’s 5th or 6th campaign? I think he ran twice against Frances for councilor, now twice or 3 times for MPP once for MP, like must be a party insider getting tried of him.

  6. As one of the lucky people to have her number called to ask a question, I was delighted that Paul was able to factually give the answer which Ms. Albanese was not able to. If Ms. Albanese is going to put fiction in her mail-outs it’s up to those of us who were there right at the beginning of the fight against Blue 22, now just called the ARL, to stand up cry foul when she takes credit for the hundreds, nay thousands, of person-hours that it took to get this project partially on track. I know because I was there! So I take umbrage with someone who was not there taking credit for the very hard work that Mike and the Coalition did during the first 3 years when she was reading the news on OMNI.

    Unfortunately, some will believe that she ‘killed Blue 22’ and she got the new stop in Weston. WRONG! The community got that stop and the new station was in play in the early 2000’s when GO bought the land from West End Chrysler – a full 2 years before the community even heard of Blue 22. So she may support the efforts of the community but she didn’t do it on her own. And to say she ‘achieved’ something, in writing, when she had no part in it, is a slap in the face of all the community activists who fought long and hard for the concessions like the ditch to save the streets and the stop in Weston instead of at Woodbine.

    And Mel, does it really matter whether Paul runs once or ten times? It shows he has perseverance and stamina to keep trying to make a difference in a riding that is poorest in Toronto. At least someone is trying. Not like the PC candidates who parachute in and then bail on attending debates. That is shameful and a complete waste of time for the electorate. It’s like people who don’t vote and then complain the loudest.

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