Demontis enters federal race

Mark DeMontis is the Conservative candidate for York South–Weston.

DeMontis previously ran as a Progressive Conservative in the provincial election, and he did reasonably well, getting 18.5% of the vote in a left-leaning riding.

DeMontis lost most of his sight in high-school. He had to give up his dreams of playing professional hockey, but his career didn’t slow. He roller-bladed across the country  raising money for blind hockey, and he became a television commentator and motivational coach.

DeMontis is the third entrant in what is sure to be a good race. Yafet Tewelde is running for the NDPAhmed Hussen, the Minister of Immigration, will likely be seeking reëlection, and Yafet Tewelde, among others are seeking the NDP nomination.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Demontis enters federal race”

  1. Yes, but will he be allowed to actually speak & debate, this time???

    The Ford Campaign didn’t want their reps engaging – perhaps for fear that they’d mis-speak the campaign’s mantra, de jour and blow it. (What were some of those fun Premier Dougie slogans again, “Friends, it’s promises made, promises kept”, “Folks, Buck-a-beer is here” , etc.)

    Anyway, those “crickets” from the blue team side of the playing field included the young, home grown and wanna be Conservative, Mr. DeMontis.

    Sadly, all muzzled – for the good of the “brand”, it strongly appeared.

    Electorate, take a back seat.

    Will Andrews Scheer’s back roomers do like wise to this election’s blue team hopefuls – who like Ford’s players, it was their election to win – because of McGuinty/Wynne mismanagement?

    Is Mark a “truth teller”, “speak truth to power” feller, a “team player” , a “dog whistler”, or a true spokesperson for the people he’s asking to represent here in York South-Weston?

    (add additional cliches here)

    We’ll see.
    (6 months of rhetoric, coming up!)

    At least, he lives amongst us.

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