DeMontis will not debate tomorrow

An organizer for tomorrows’ all-candidates (invited) debate says that Mark DeMontis, the PC candidate, will not be attending.

I’ve reached out to DeMontis for a comment, but I haven’t yet heard back.





Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “DeMontis will not debate tomorrow”

  1. Odd.

    Wonder if this is some kind of strategy- in keeping with what appears to be an approach used by Mr. Ford and his advisors?

    Meaning, it seems like a, “Hey, we’ve got this for sure. So, don’t blow it by saying something detrimental to the cause.” (?)

    Anyway, too bad.

    As a frequent motivational speaker, Mr. Demontis might be quite able in debate, and could show off some (local) leadership skills given his desire to champion the needs of people with disabilities.

    Oh, well.

  2. Or, if this is not a strategy then..

    For very personal reasons?

    A very important prior commitment?

    Would there be a reluctance to enter into a venue that may be a hostile political territory, traditionally left leaning?

    (It would be awkward & tough to debate if you had to attempt to do so over many interruptions & a shouting audience, as is quite often the case these days.)

  3. If you can’t take the heat, criticism and fire back and defend your positions and principles, then politics is the wrong career choice for Mr. DeMontis.

  4. We used to have very nasty debates but our community organizations have done a fabulous job in making our debates civil, respectful to ALL candidates and adept in controlling any heckling or disrespectful comments coming from the crowd. If Mr. DeMontis had been at the last debate he would know that.

  5. ^^^ If anyone isn’t civil at debates its Faisal who had a major screaming freakout years ago on two female audience members during a debate and he wasn’t even a candidate, which is why some groups won’t host debates anymore, so don’t expect much.

  6. Want to see procedural etiquette on full display, look no further than the Legislature, the House of Commons or City Council’s chambers.

    It’s a surprise that anything gets resolved throughout all the shouting and jeering.

    Who the hell would really want to work in that kind of environment, daily?

    Anyway, these folks have made their choices – and from this perspective, no one is a shining example of proper behaviour.

  7. ^^Yes, he’s up to taking photos with dogs and avoiding details on the PC platform promises because there are none. Platitudes and fantasies. PCs will do nothing for low income or the disabled. He chose the wrong party to run for.

  8. I was at the *debate*(where there was little debating), and was really disappointed at the relative free pass Demontis received. An attendee who brought it up was actually scolded by the organizers. I think this really explains why the no show strategy is effective – very little consequences.

    Demontis deserves to be shamed and ridiculed for his absence. This behaviour is quite rubbish, and is chiselling away at the foundations of our democracy.

    At the least, they should have included an empty chair with his name, acting as a visual to commemorate his cowardice. I do not know him personally, but as a result of this decision, I simply do not respect him as a citizen. An honest man faces challenge and adversity, and does not hide in the shadows like a roach.

    If there were true justice, Westoners would call him out as a coward on every encounter. Perhaps I will swing by his campaign office to do such.

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