DeMontis withdraws from federal election

Mark DeMontis has withdrawn his candidacy in the upcoming federal election. He said on Twitter the he has “decided to focus on [his] role with the Government of Ontario”.

DeMontis challenged incumbent Laura Albanese and winner Faisal Hassan in the Ontario election. He placed second with nearly a third of the vote, and, in my opinion, he would have been a very strong contender in the federal election. DeMontis has been a successful broadcaster, speaker, and has a gripping story of overcoming adversity—he lost most of his sight in early adulthood, but rollerbladed across the country to raise money for blind hockey players.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “DeMontis withdraws from federal election”

  1. Good call, Mark.

    A “bird in the hand is worth so much more than two in the bush” – because really, it’s about landing and keeping a good job, which may or may not turn out to last longer than Ford’s four year term. But, it’s still a paying job that should look good on your resume, too.

    Plus, politics aside, you get to do more good and continued work on behalf of folks who require more advocacy and accessibility.

    Aunt Rita and her colleagues down at the Toronto Sun..
    ..will still be quite proud and cheer lead you down the road if you should choose to return to the limelight of representation- a somewhat dubious honour, from this perspective.

  2. (Speaking of the Premier)
    This just in from Queen’s Park:

    Premier Doug “Buck-a-Beer” Ford’s team has just announced that the Legislature will not return to work after the “summer break” as originally planned, on Sept.6th.

    They will now be returning..
    .. following the Oct.28th Federal Election!

    Apparently, to do more good & righteous work in their ridings..
    .. the “lord’s work”, no doubt.

    (Lord Vader?)

    But, let me venture a proper guess..
    They’ll now be available to shill & carry some of Andrew Scheer’s blue samsonite baggage with those two additional months off?

    Ahh, politics.

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