5 thoughts on “Dennis Ave school to be demolished”

  1. I went to OLV, but remember going to the school dentist in the basement at Dennis Avenue school, back in 1962. I was only in grade one, but I had to get a few teeth pulled…..OUCH! And that is the only memory I have of Dennis Avenue School!! Scary!

  2. It’s a shame to see it be demolished to put up a new building, instead maybe they should remodel the inside but leave the history of the outside as is. My in laws used to go to that school and so did my kids, it’d be a shame to see Dennis demolished.

  3. In the long run, the new building, will be brought up to todays standards, and will be there to educate many new students. Yes there is history, but it will be more efficient going forward. And this my friends is way better than the news of a few years back when it was mentioned Dennis Avenue was slated to be one of the schools to be closed…Change is not always loss…look ahead to a bright new future for the future generations.

  4. Renovations have a way to get way out of hand with massive cost overruns – as witnessed with the major renovation run wild on Nelson Mandela Park Public School in the inner city – and those many foreseen surprises when making those changes to bring them into the modern era.

    Securing some part of a “special” facade would be a good “artistic” nod to the past. But, a hopeful, healthy positive creation would be a better start for the kids to come.

    (It’s still going to take forever to build. These “public” projects have a way of milking every last drop out of the system, when given the opportunity.)

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