Derelict houses to (finally) be destroyed

Frances Nunziata’s office says that the derelict houses at 2270 and 2274 Weston road, which have been an eyesore and hazard for more than a decade, will finally be demolished to make way for a  12-storey apartment building.

One of the two derelict houses
One of the two derelict houses

After years and years of waiting, an application has finally been submitted to the City to demolish the two derelict houses located at 2270 and 2274 Weston Road, which have long been an eyesore in the community for many years. I am pleased to update you that a demolition permit has been submitted to tear down these two buildings. In 2015, the owners received approval to construct a 12-storey apartment building. The project is going through the site plan approval process.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Derelict houses to (finally) be destroyed”

  1. Adam…good news and bad news. I’m happy to hear that these house s are finally being torn down but not so happy to hear that they ate going to be replaced with an apartment building. There is more than enough lining weston rd for goodness sake.

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