Nunziata approves controversial Junction tower

The CBC has a long report on a proposed development near the Junction that involves our councillor, Frances Nunziata. Nunziata voted for a development that would allow towers that are too tall and too close to the railway tracks, and she did so despite the recommendations of city staff.

… city planners have deemed this plan inappropriate for a variety of reasons, outlined in a staff report, saying:

  • The buildings would be located too close to the neighbouring rail line.
  • The proposed buildings would be more than twice the height allowed for any development on that site.
  • The buildings would be located too close to each other.

Residents living on the upper floors of the proposed condominiums might suffer “unacceptable levels of odour” from a nearby rubber recycling plant.

The report also notes that the project “could result in an unsafe and inappropriate living environment.”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Nunziata approves controversial Junction tower”

  1. What careful city planning we have when this kind of thing is approved. What about the 30-storey tower with the podium at Weston and Lawrence that’s planned?
    It’s a bad day’s work for our councillor.

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