Developers to demolish 1705 Weston Road

Developers have received permission to demolish the building at 1705 Weston Road.

The two-storey building is in disrepair, with substantial damage to the roof, and a serious mould problem.

The developers who own the site plan to build a 25-storey  mixed-use apartment building.

Developer’s architectural view looking south on Weston Road.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Developers to demolish 1705 Weston Road”

  1. OMG the 30 storey, now the 25 storey and Metrolinx fares will skyrocket again and the traffic will idle endlessly and furiously along Weston Road and Lawrence.

    Why are the city planners following the developers’ needs? Again?


  2. Is this an low income building like John st?
    We don’t need more of that in Weston…..

      1. affordable house, low income, too much of it in Weston.
        at minimum the city should clean up the buildings that already are in Weston that look like as if they are in a war zone. clean those up, and then you will see Weston change…..stop dumping and approving 30 storey RENTAL towers…..we have enough

    1. Are you referring to West22? Boy are you wrong. Take a look at their website and you’ll see that the lowest cost for a unit is $1545 and that is a studio unit. Get your facts together before making negative comments.

      1. ya WEST22 LOL….fancy it up all you want, its another rental tower in weston.
        it already looks terrible on the outside with stained concrete, paint chipping the colourful walls… is suppose to be based on “affordable rent”…which it is…..I don’t have an issue with affordable units ,etc…BUT NO MORE IN WESTON.

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