Donation thwarts quick sale of HRRH Church site

It was standing-room only at a meeting last night about the future of the Humber River Hospital Church Street site, according to reports.

The HRRH is looking to sell the building as it consolidates its operations at its new campus near Keele and Wilson.

Hospital administrators have not yet sold the site, and do not yet know what will happen there, but members of the audience were clear that they did not want it to become a residential building. Instead, they suggested functions more in line with its current use, such as a nursing home, a college, doctors’ offices, or a daycare.

No decisions will be made any time soon though: part of the land on which the hospital sits was donated by a Weston family, the Trimbees, in the late 1940s. The Trimbees made it a condition that the site must remain a hospital, and that ownership would revert to “the Town of Weston” in the event that the land was no longer needed.

This is certain to throw a wrench into the sale of the site and may allow residents to have a greater say about what becomes of the hospital. There are conditions the city must meet when selling property, and, though I’m not a lawyer, they seem to force at least some more consultation.

The extra work, consultation, and the upcoming municipal election mean that little will happen until 2015.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Donation thwarts quick sale of HRRH Church site”

  1. How can nunziata support Laura when nunziata claims to be a conservative…..?
    Nunziata will not listen to the community and don’t be fooled, the land is spoken for already, just a matter of time…….get ready for condo’s baby!

  2. Wow, P! Is that now the pap answer/comment when people put up a fuss about bad development in their community? Have you ever tried to traverse the hospital area when people are coming and going during peak times of day? Do you live anywhere near the site? Tried to get to Jane St after 4pm without having to wait in a traffic line-up for many cycles of the light? Are you aware that the hospital was built BY the community of Weston-Mount Dennis FOR the community and it’s now being taken away from the community who built it? Are you aware that Weston used to be its own municipality and that we supported our own including making provisions for massive donations like this? How do you plan on creating a better traffic flow so that the new residential units don’t impact on the traffic already there? Yes we are NIMBYs when it sounds like bad or opportunistic development that has little or no support from the education system, community space, etc. Selling a hospital just so you can make a quick buck because you need the money for the new hospital is bad planning by the government.

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