Doors closed in Weston

Almost 150 buildings around Toronto will open to the public next weekend as part of the Doors Open festival. Some are spectacular, like the Architects’ Headquarters. Some are quiet, like the Fischer Rare Book Library. Some are holy, like St James Cathedral; and some appear pretty banal—like the potting shed at Casa Loma.

But none are in Weston. Not even one.

By way of contrast: the Junction has three sites, Parkdale has five. Four sites are within walking distance of High Park.

This, in your humble correspondent’s opinion, is a let down. Weston has many interesting buildings worth a look-see, and which are not normally open to the public. I would love to see what goes on in the Masonic Lodge and post office on Weston Road. I’m sure I’m only one of a dozen people to have been in the Plank Road building in the past 50 years. There are many old, beautiful churches I wouldn’t normally go into, given my faith (or lack thereof). I’m sure I’m not the only one.

More importantly, not having Doors Open means we miss a chance to build a bridge between the two Westons. I’ve never been in the public and low-rent housing around town, even though I write about it. I’ve never been to the Weston King Neighbourhood Drop In, to my shame. And even if I don’t always physically stay on my side of the tracks, I emotionally do. I would have welcomed an open door—and opened mine as well, of course.

And you, dear reader, what would you like to see, if the doors were open to you? Leave a comment.

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Doors closed in Weston”

  1. Adam, you have made a great point, one many of us have been asking as well. In fact, we have tried to work on being part of Doors Open for a couple of years, to no avail. Either the timing wasn’t right or it couldn’t be coordinated but we have tried. And will try again!

    There are a couple of events coming up in the fall: a cemetery tour of St. Philips and a House Tour. The latter is always well attended and is a excellent fundraiser for a couple of organizations in Weston. Look for more details in the coming months and tickets for the House Tour will become available by early summer. Check for details or swing by Squibb’s for more information (we will have tickets too).

    The Historical Society is also an excellent way to learn more about Weston and we have regular meetings, our next on June 1st at Westminster United Church — a discussion of the stained glass windows in the church lead by one of our local historians and member of the Church. Time is 7:30pm and you can become a member for $20 which also gives you a regular newsletter.

  2. Well we know that the centre of the universe is downtown Toronto! lol I would like also to see some old buildings in Weston such as the pics there, & did the doors open thing about five years ago, went downtown but it’s very tiring with TTC traffic crowds etc. Never went again. Maybe with all day promised GO train to downtown I might go again..oh wait it’s premium service double the fares! maybe not

  3. in addition to all the places adam mentioned, i’d love to have a tour of the satin hardwood flooring factory. with regards to old places of worship, there’s also st. john’s anglican church on weston road, st. philips church & the unitarian fellowship on st. phillips road. a rooftop tour of 33 king street would be awesome. a tour of the bellevue telephone exchange would be cool, as would a tour of the golf course.

  4. Westminster Church really should have participated. It’s a pre-confederate building and I believe it is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary? It’s beautiful inside.

  5. I’ll add a couple:
    Weston Lions’ Arena,
    a walking tour of the older homes in Weston.

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