Doug Ford campaigns in Weston

Doug Ford made his first campaign stop at a fundraiser for the local Frontlines organization, according to John Nunziata. Ford is a close ally of the Nunziatas—who are both running for city councillor seats.

Frances Nunziata endorsed Rob Ford in the last municipal election, and Ford nominated her for council Speaker.

This time around, Frances Nunziata has not (yet?) endorsed a mayoral candidate. (She did not respond to my request for comment.) Last night, however, she campaigned with Doug Ford and her brother in Ward 12.

(From L to R) John Nunziata, Doug Ford, someone I don’t know, and Frances Nunziata

Thanks to Melissa for the tip.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Doug Ford campaigns in Weston”

  1. It just makes you proud to see the ruling families, and you just know how everything will turn out.

  2. John Nunziata hasn’t been near York South-Weston for over 10 years. For him to appear out of nowhere and try to be the councillor for Ward 12 is arrogant. Residents need to send him packin’!

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