We’re spoiled for choice in Weston when it comes to restaurants.

Well, breakfast restaurants at least.

We now have at least three places that serve a cracking breakfast: P&M’s, the Sunset Grill (which, as my daughter pointed out, should be called the Sunrise Grill) and, now, Eggsmart.

The family and I had a good breakfast there in December. I think it’s pretty hard to knock one out of the park when it comes to eggs and bacon, but we had a good, solid, affordable hangover cure. treatment. distraction.

The eggs were perfectly cooked, as was the bacon. The coffee was hot and served frequently—just about the only thing I actually care about, and so often the death of an otherwise good restaurant. (I’ve oft been tempted to order two cups of coffee so that I could always have one on the go). The service was good, too, and put up admirably with four kids. That’s more than I could say for me.

My friend ordered a “Scramble”. In my weakened condition, I found myself drawing away from that reminder of the night before, but perhaps with a stronger constitution, I would have relished it. My companion said it was quite good.

The bill was reasonable. To be honest, I don’t recall it—perhaps due to the spikes stuck behind my eyes.

Eggsmart,2097 Weston Road, is open from 7 until the mid afternoon.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.