Eglinton Crosstown Extension update.

The route of the proposed Crosstown extension from Mount Dennis to the airport.From Metrolinx.

It seems as if the Ford government is determined to push through a couple of transit projects; one is the Scarborough Subway and the other is the westward expansion of the Crosstown line from Mount Dennis to Renforth Drive and from there link to Pearson Airport. True to their promises, Ford and Etobicoke Centre MPP Kinga Surma want much of the line along Eglinton to be underground and so a Request for Qualifications was issued on March 10 for companies to express their interest (and show their credentials) in the tunnelling. Six kilometres of the line between Scarlett Road and Renforth Drive will be underground.

An RFQ seeks interested parties who, if they qualify, will then be invited to bid on actual contracts.

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For a detailed view of the various options for the extension read this.

2 thoughts on “Eglinton Crosstown Extension update.”

  1. Once again, the province misses a great opportunity for great transit. The extension of the Eglinton line westward should follow Weston Road North, and cross the Humber at Dixon Road, following Dixon Road westward to the Airport. That way it will serve considerably greater populations, and the underground portion will be just over half (3.5 km) of what is currently proposed. It will also avoid the expropriations necessary in Mt. Dennis between the current end of the line and Scarlett, which is planned to be above ground.

    The route along Eglinton serves a mostly sparsely populated street, (think two golf courses, Eglinton Flats, and many single-family homes. The route along Weston Rd. and Dixon serves the two densest parts of the west side of the city (Weston and Dixon) and allows the above ground portion to be along Dixon Road, which has 6 to 8 lanes.

    If the plan is to have much of the line underground, rethink the route and do it right.

    Here is a density map of the west end. Before 22 John, and before the new buildings planned for Weston/John and Weston/Lawrence.

  2. Maybe, you’re right and have better perspective.

    But, that stretch of Eglinton West from Jane Street right through to the junction of Highways 401, 427 & 27 – just west of Martin Grove is absolutely always “super highway” busy.

    Big volume entering from Mississauga & western Peel.

    Partisan optics aside, might part of the “missed opportunity” as you note, be an attempt at providing an additional compass point route to encourage those incoming 905’ers to jump off there and take the rapid transit into the city from the west?

    After all, it seems that when you take a look around, there’s not just one perfect way to move people absolutely problem free – above or below ground, is there.

    And sure, maybe “a man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest”. But, it sure seems like above ground rail transit suffers weather problems more than the underground version – apart from weekend closures for technical tweaks (or more sadly, those poor souls who’ve runout of ideas).

    It might not be perfect, but at this point we have some rapid transit along that northwest passage toward the airport – being addressed by TTC, UP and GO.

    It’ll never be seen in our lifetime, but perhaps our children’s children’s children will see a “spiderweb” rapid transit network like in Paris or London, if we keep chipping away.

    And, they never had it built in a day, either.

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