Election campaign starts… in York South–Weston

The election campaign started in earnest on yesterday, and Andrea Horwath, leader of the NDP, kicked off her campaign in York–South Weston.

While the Liberals have traditionally held the riding, momentum may be on the NDP’s side, and the races have been very close. In the past two elections, the race was won and lost by fewer than 500 votes. It went to the NDP in a bye-election in 2007, and then to the Liberals later that year. This year, Mike Sullivan, our NDP MP, defeated Alan Tonks, a long-serving Liberal.

In her press release, Horwath said, “It’s great to be making my first stop in York South Weston. People here have a very clear choice to make on October 6. They can choose a status quo that leaves them feeling ignored or they can choose Paul Ferreira and the NDP’s positive plan for change that puts people first.”

The NDP is pushing its programs to reduce hydro bills and gasoline prices by eliminating the HST, freezing transit fares, improving health care and support for seniors, and increasing and indexing the minimum wage.

The Liberals are running on their record in education, healthcare, and the economy and are promising new jobs in clean energy and lower tuition for post-secondary students.

The Conservatives kicked off their campaign with an attack ad saying, falsely, that the Liberals want to give $10,000 credits to employers to hire “foreign workers”, and “Ontario workers need not apply”. The credit is for immigrants who have been here for up to five years, and it is not not foreign workers; only Canadian citizens can apply, and foreign workers are, by definition, not citizens.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Election campaign starts… in York South–Weston”

  1. Another “phantom” PC candidate? Why do they avoid this riding so much..is it cause this riding is one of the poorest in Ontario. I do see lots of blue signs in the “richer” areas of Etobicoke. Anyway I already decided Im waiting for the advanced polls. It’s one of the “know the devil you know” type things for me for this vote.

  2. Too bad there is not a decent PC candidate running in this riding, but what I do know is that our current provincial representative is not adequate.

  3. I just have to add that Paul Ferreira’s campaign signs are kind of unflattering , it’s used signs with the “re-elect” rubbed out and the color is sort of faded orange, or like fluorescent green. Not that appealing in the neighbourhood.

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