Emergency meeting on train work

The Weston Community Coalition is mad. Metrolinx wants to extend the working hours of the train dig in Weston until 11 pm on weekdays, and also to do work on the weekends. The WCC and MP Mike Sullivan want none of it.

They are having a meeting tonight, April 8, at 6:30 pm at Sullivan’s office.

Community Meeting - WCC

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Emergency meeting on train work”

  1. If Mike run against Laura he would win…landslide. I don’t understand why he ran for federal MP..I remember seeing him speaking at some of the town halls about Airlink I thought this guy really speaks well knows a lot about what’s happening..He’s the perfect Weston spokesperson against Metrolinx..Metrolinx is a run by provincial govt. Feds have nothing to do with it. I don’t see anything significant Mike has done as MP so far.

  2. Wow, it’s a wonder Frances Nunziata and Laura Albanese are re-elected. Mike’s doing his job as an MP — advocating on issues that matter to the community. He’s an MP who can add his voice. Why not be happy with the fact that he’s actually stepping to the plate and willing to take on the challenge, rather than asking why he didn’t run provincially?


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